Emotional Abuse: Top 30 Symptoms #2


How to be sure that your relationship is safe from emotional abuse? Check if there are none of the symptoms described below.

16. Belittling You And Your Accomplishments

This is similar to destructive criticism described above. Everybody likes to be praised and appreciated, you too. Thus, it is very stressful when your partner is trivializing your achievements. Could you try doing the same with him, just to show that you also count in the relationship? Short -term and not the war, but more assertiveness, not verbal abuse.

17. Trying to Control the Finances

Financial abuse is more common than you might think. I have already written two articles about this problem, and I believe there is a significant need to write even more. When you are dependent financially on your boyfriend of husband, the first step to takes should be starting making more money yourself.

18. Trying to Make You Feel As Though You Are Wrong

This is a very subtle form of manipulating you. Can you notice it? The next time when he starts his game, act more assertively and set healthy boundaries. It will take time, but you will certainly gain more respect or find a more uplifting person after ending this toxic relationship.

19. Calling Names

Who likes to be called “an idiot,” “a whore” or “f***er,” not to mention even worse slang words?

You probably don’t. Therefore, when you notice even one case of name calling, time has come for a serious talk. Ans don’t believe in his or her “I’ve only been joking” or “I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

20. Not Showing You Empathy or Compassion

Has your pet died? Look how your partner reacts. It may turn out that it does not mean anything to him, and you are alone with your pain. He can also belittle the meaning of the incident in your life. Ask him what would happen if he needed the same compassion because something painful has happened to him. Maybe there is something like that which you could remind him.

21. Being emotionally distant

Love requires being open to the other person. Of course, each of us sometimes needs time to be alone and keep some things to himself or herself. However, if your partner is unable to share with his emotions means that something is wrong with your relationship, and again, it’s the highest time to explain why it happens. Stop emotional abuse before it becomes a serious issue in your relationship.

22. Using Neglect Or Abandonment To Punish

Do you know such type of people? You disagree with him on something and suddenly out of the blue, he starts ignoring your needs and leave you alone. Your partner goes out without saying a word, and you think what the hell happened. You will not know unless a serious conversation takes place. If you don’t act to protect yourself, emotional blackmail will become your everyday reality.

23. Resorting to Withdrawal To Get What They Want

Have you rejected his sexual advances lately? If your boyfriend starts to withdraw, the chances are that this is the beginning of emotional abuse. You sometimes have right not to be in the mood, and no one never will satisfy his needs, including you, even if you tried to be perfect and change all your life for him. If your partner cannot accept “no,” time has come to review your relationship.

24. Playing the Victim

This is another kind of emotional abuse. You have probably met at least one person who is generous and would do everything for you… But beware. Many of them just do things for others to receive approval and attention. If your partner starts giving out after having done something for you, watch out as you start to be manipulated by guilt.

25. Accusing You of Things You Know Aren’t True

Is your boyfriend jealous and accuses you of flirting with other men because you don’t want to have sex with him? This is a very typical example of subtle toxic behaviour. Be vigilant and spot it as early as possible. In this way, you will be able to prevent your relationship from a more abusive stage.

26. Making Excuses For Their Behaviour

In this case, your boyfriend may justify his violent behaviour by stress at work, by the fact that his boss criticized him and therefore he has just lost his temper. But there is one important thing here: He cannot apologize and does not see the wrong he has don to you. What can you do? Ask if he wanted to be treated in the same way he has treated you and if he did the same thing to his mother or sister.

27. Having an Inability To Laugh at Themselves

This kind of people also cannot stand when others are laughing at them, not to be malicious. There might be various reasons that someone does like laughing: bad experiences in the past, they could even be forbidden to laugh and make noise. As laughing is one of the crucial symptoms of a healthy relationship, not being able to laugh is a warning sign of emotional abuse.

28. Blaming you For Their Problems And Life Difficulties

How many times have you heard “It’s because you didn’t want to listen to me that I fail to obtain this luxury contract.” The next time your partner or any other person will blame you, ask them who is responsible for their life and tell that you are not going to change the nappies for them.

29. Being Intolerant of Any Seeming Lack of Respect

Can your partner tolerate your favourite kind of music or TV programs, your passions and the things you love? This is another sign of emotional abuse. A healthy relationship requires understanding and respect even if your tastes are different. Lack of tolerance means war and if he pressures you to listen only to his favourite kind of music, beware because this is a warning sign of his attempt to control you.

30. Repeatedly Crossing Your Boundaries And Ignoring Your Requests

You don’t like some things while making love, right? And you have told him about that. However, he insists on trying them. Another example I can give you is when you apparently said “no” to name calling and he, despite knowing that, is still using verbal abuse. Then think if it is worthy to stay in this relationship if he cannot respect you. You try to talk to him again and put an ultimatum: either he will change his behaviour, or you consider finding a more respectful person. Be firm and consequent in your actions as he might promise you improvement, but act in the same way he has done so far.

This is the second part of the top signs of emotional abuse.How did you like the article? Share your opinion leaving a comment. Have a nice day.

Victoria Herocten

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