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helpJust few days after the beginning of 2016. Last time you could check the quality of your goals for this year. Now let’s see what the new hero on my blog is doing and what are her goals. You are welcome to help her to win the latest challenge.

Kate was brought up in a difficult family, where alcohol was the criterium of her self-esteem. This year might be the berak-through for her. She is going to change her life dramatically, moving out and separating from toxic environment. But the challenge is very tough. Kate needs good advisors to review her decisions.

So far she has found that her life might be different, happier and according to her will. But awareness is not enough to succeed. Kate is still struggling with her old beliefs, learned since her early childhood. She is an adult now, able to take control over her decisions and actions taken.

What can she do? The first thing is to know where exactly it is, right now. She took a piece of paper and is writing:

“5 years ago I graduated with an excellent grade. I have my business, it is my passion and I start making money on my career. But what else could I achieve in my professional career this year? Is the profit really satisfying?

Well, I need more loyal customers and to cooperate more efficiently with my partners and suppliers. How much better? If I assoume that I will double my results, I need to pull the sleeves off and work more. What can I do to use my present energy level but pursue the goal.
Yeah, maybe I want too much now, but indeed I might set less challenging goals. Pursuing my goals this year nothing will be left for the next period of time. And I focus on career too much. that I want from the life?

I also would like to find this special person, to enjoy the life more and to face my insecurities. Living on a housing estate is not the best idea, my office is too far, some changes are desirable here. But what to do first?”

Help Kate to make decision which will be good for her. If you were on her place, what decisions would you make? Share your ideas under today’s post.


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Victoria Herocten

Victoria HeroctenAuthor: Victoria Herocten Writer and coach.
Since 2009 she helps women with abuse to start over and how to be happy .
The co-author of the bestseller “Gratitude Book”.

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