Goal Setting After Ending an Abusive Relationship

set goalsSetting goals is one of the most difficult skills that you must master to achieve personal success after ending an abusive relationship. Only a few know how to effectively determine what they want from life. The truth is brutal.

“If you do not set your own goals, you are supposed to operate on achieving the goals of someone else.”

Very often, a child learns how to achieve others’ goals, such as to graduate in accordance with the expectations of parents, not of their passion. You do not know when you really achieve its objectives. What could this mean for you? That you did not achieve personal success, because you live opposite to dreams of your family and do not use your potential in the maximum way.

It is even worse when you do not set goals for yourself. This goal may be to get proper education or earn a certain amount of money at a certain time. You can also plan to find a new partner or improve family relationships. The possibilities are endless, after all, each of us strives to do something else, to achieve personal success. It does not matter what you choose, what goal you are setting. It is important that you have something, to strive, because when you know what you want to achieve, the path forward is supposedly easier and faster.
“People with clear, defined and written goals can achieve them in a much shorter time than people without goals are able to imagine.”

Why is this happening? You are using a simple rule here saying that if you want something, you strive for something then you notice many opportunities that can bring you to achieving their goals. It is such a ritual at the time, which you transmit into physical form to what you want. Goal setting makes it clearer than the one that just wanders from time to time in their thoughts. So if you decide to achieve something define it in words and write them down so it will be easier for you to achieve success.

Achieve success. Set one goal for the next month, write it down and take one small step every day to achieve it. After a month check your result and reward yourself, even if you have not achieve the goal in full.

I wrote many times on my blog about setting goals, especially at the end or the beginning of a new calendar year. You can also browse through the categories on my website.

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