Personal Success For Dummies. Meet the 12 Secrets #3

personal successPositive attitude and happy relationships with others help to achieve personal success. But there is one more thing that you need to use.

Everything starts with setting and achieving goals. When you have a purpose, nothing can stop you. Below there are some tips which will help you to use goals for personal success.

Every day do something that brings you closer to your goal.

Never give up. The truth is that you can only fail if you quit trying. Keep on trying new ways of doing the same thing and you will succeed. Let’s assume that you want to write a book. Your first draft might be poor and your friend criticizes you. But learning the lesson, you can create a better piece of writing the next time.

Write down your biggest goal, the one you most want to fulfill.

Use the present tense, “I am…”, “I have…”, “I contribute…”. Success is the result of a personal decision, so start your goal with “I”. Then read your goal aloud every morning and night. Tell people about your goal, b and wish you well, but be sure they are empowering. Make a plan to achieve your goal and follow it, but change the ways of taking action if the results are not satisfactory.

Write down a vision of how you want to live your life.

Be specific. Where you want to live, what kind of carpet to have, who your friends are, how your ideal house, office will look like. Make a Future Scrapbook. Paste in pictures, clippings, drawings, essays,. Make up news headlines about your achievements and every day visualize yourself as you would like to be. Then act that way.

Study the science of success.

Fill your mind with positive thoughts and give yourself positive self- affirmations. Read books, listen to empowering tapes, watch videos and positive TV programming about success. Eliminate negativity. Talk to successful people and ask them how they became successful.

Achieve success. Choose one goal for the next month. Write this goal down and visualize daily. Find any positive information about this goal. After the month, test your results.

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