Negative Emotions: How NOT To Handle Them

negative emotions

You can handle negative emotions in two ways: constructive and destructive. Meet the 12 destructive ways, which are only a few examples. They all assume avoidance of the emotion so it is still there, but unreleased.

1. You Ignore your Feelings

So you just pretend that they not exist. However, doing so you deceive yourself and are not authentic. People will notice it from afar and your relationships will be affected.

2. You Bury Angry Emotions Under the Mask of Love

This is a very tricky way of avoiding negative emotions. Yet it will not work for long as unchannelled emotions will break out earlier or later and then instead of love you will cause a fierce argument

3. You Constantly Intellectualize and Analyze

Do you know such type of people who are ruminating about one and the same subject? If you feel guilty because you have done some wrong to someone, just apologize and ask how you can redeem the wrong.

4. You Work Excessively So You Can’t Feel.

This is a very common way of handling negative emotions in a destructive way. Not only your emotions can burst out suddenly, but you also risk health problems, like a heart attack.

5. You Pretend Something Hasn’t Happened

When your partner or co-worker asks you what is wrong, you just pretend that nothing has happened. However, lying will cause creating another lie and you will have to lie all the time.

6. You Drink Alcohol Excessively

Drinking is a very common way to forget about pain, guilt, remorse and any other emotion that causes discomfort. Yet remember that it is a quick fix and hangover (not only the physical one) is more painful that the feelings before drinking. Plus, you risk alcoholism.

7. You Overeat

Food, the same as alcohol or coffee, can also comfort your negative emotions and soothe you for a while. It is also a kind of quick fix. You don’t really enjoy the food as you are full, but still eating. You risk obesity and many diseases related to it.

8.You Use Recreational Drugs Excessively

Who would not like to feel safe, stress-free? And you are just struggling with some negative feelings. So another Coke or other drink will help you for a while to keep a positive spirit. However, what will you do then?

9. You Eat Foods Loaded with Sugar and Fat

Carbohydrates are very addictive. Scientists proved that cutting on sugar can cause discomfort because of withdrawal symptoms. And who wouldn’t like to reach for another bar of chocolate or a packet of crisps? The only problem with eating sugary and fatty foods is… obesity which will cause another flood of negative emotions. And you will end up in a vicious circle.

10. You Have Excessive Sex

>This is another method to forget about the discomfort of negative emotions. Sex gives you lots of pleasure and orgasm indeed helps to relax. Everything in excess harms and the same applies to sex. It is even worse when excessive sex means cheating, then you also hurt other people and fund yourself another portion of negative emotions.

11. You Behave Compulsively

Checking if the door is locked many times, washing your hands 50 times per day, biting nails, picking the nose are only a few examples of compulsive behaviour which itself causes stress.

12. You Do Too Much Exercise

Practising a sport is always beneficial. But if you go running to forget about the last argument chances are that you risk an injury, because your muscles will be stiff when you try to hide the emotions and also because you will overtire your muscles.

13. You Use Drugs Such as Tranquilizers or Prozac

This is already a more severe case of dealing with negative emotions. You are probably very overwhelmed with sadness, helplessness and put too much pressure on yourself. Remember yet, that drugs are also a quick fix and will not solve the underlying problem.

14. You keep conversations superficial

To avoid the pain of negative emotions, you only choose some neutral topics. Instead of discussing the problem and find a solution, you change the topic.

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