Life Management In 4 Ways

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Can you manage happiness and fulfill your life mission effectively? It is possible you put first things first. Learn how.

Stephen Covey, author of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People popularized the concept of a Time Management Matrix. As time is also important in terms of becoming a happy person, today I will present you the four quadrants from the perspective happiness.

1. Urgent And Important

Firstly, let’s explain the difference between something urgent and important. Urgent things have to be done immediately while you can postpone important ones. If you are living with an abusive person, your first goal could be to have a serious assertive talk with them or even leaving them. However, you might not have enough assertiveness skills. Then the first thing will be to practise your skills and self-confidence first.

If you are luckier and are living with more positive people, your goals may concern your development. You can improve your communication,change your negative beliefs, learning new skills, taking care of your health. To achieve these goals, you usually need some time. Therefore they might not seem urgent, yet are important. However if you have just lost your job or became seriously ill, finding a new job or going to hospital, will be both urgent and important.

Quadrant One contains important events and deadlines with high urgency and importance. They are „emergency” actions, like putting out the fire. For example, you will have to call the police if your partner threatens your life and health and has battered you seriously. You may also leave the house in that case. Going to a hospital because of heart attack or losing a job, all your wealth, also belong to this category.

2. Important, But Not Urgent

Long-term development and strategizing belong to Quadrant Two. The issues are important, but not necessarily urgent. You may need to practise assertiveness skills or prepare for leaving your toxic partner, saving money and organizing new accommodation. Doing exercises to improve your heart health also belong to this category. The same applies to working constantly on changing your habits, like getting up earlier, eliminating negative thoughts etc.

3. Urgent, But Not Important

Quadrant Three contains distractions with high urgency. Let’s say you got a call from your friend, who wants your help while you are practising assertiveness skills or doing an important project. This is a great opportunity to say „no” and arrange the meeting for another time.

4. Unimportant and Not Urgent

All activities with little to no value belong to Quadrant Four Watching TV or playing computer games to compensate your stress after an argument with your toxic partner can belong to this category. If you want to manage your life better, cut on any activities from this category.

Review Your Goals To Manage Your Life

Make a list what you were doing during the last three days. List the name of the activity and the amount of time you have spent on them. Now look at the four quadrants. Which of the activities performed during the last three days will help you to achieve your goals?

If you notice that your lifestyle is unproductive then make the necessary changes. For example, stop watching TV and go doing exercises instead.

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