How To Win the Fear of Failure Part 2

fear of failureFear of failure can make you behave irrationally. You might forget about that there are solutions for their problem. What can you do then?

Are you afraid that your friends will laugh, the family will be disappointed, and head to the end of life will himself say, “you had to do.” Thus you are stuck in what is always sweating at the thought of any action. You decide not to establish businesses, investing money, appear before the people, making friends, achieving their dream goals. Just because you’re scared.

If you are reading this article, your answer is probably “no”, because you are still able to read it, even being afraid of something. Now let’s learn how to get rid of the fear of failure?

1. Start believing that there is no failure, only feedback. Save this belief on a piece of paper, print it and hang on the wall in visible place. Let it become part of your way of thinking. Learn it by heart. Understand that failure is something very precious, because every failure brings with it a lot of knowledge and learning. If something does not work out, it is a sign to do something different. You’re one big step closer to success!

Thomas Edison tried hundreds of times to create żarówęi before he was able to come up with acting. It is considered the inventor of the ordinary. If he was afraid of failure, it would not have taken any tests or disincentive after a few failed projects.

Look at your failure as an outcome of some of your activities. If you have achieved something different than planned, you have a great opportunity to learn. The next time you shall do it in a better way. You are richer gaining another experience. Remember that every path may lead to success for any failure – this is a natural process. To achieve success you need a lot of things to learn, and the best teacher is the failure. This way of thinking is absolutely essential when it comes to achieving success in life.

2. Imagine the consequences when you continually surrender instead of the challenges that will occur for the next 10 years. How might your life look like if you will still be afraid of failure, because you never take a chance? Now imagine that you take every opportunities and a variety of challenges. The risk that you take will pay off as soon as you take something. See how your life might look like in 15 years’ time, if we now get rid of the fear of failure.

If you previously were afraid to lose, just imagine what could go wrong. For example, you see, as you are preparing a delicious dinner for the family. Your mother-in-law says, “This soup is tasteless”. You walk away from the table full of sadness and disappointment. Such ideas are the main source of fuel for your fear.

Instead of this gloomy scenario, since today begin to imagine the most positive course of a given situation that may occur. Always visualize yourself in this situation ending in success.

3. Never take failure personally. If something does not work out, this is not information that there is something wrong with you. It is sufficient just to change the way of doing the task to succeed. Unfortunately, many people regard the failure immediate treat it as a kind of opinion about themselves. Avoid this mistake because I never win says nothing about your character or capabilities, but only on the actions that you took.

Achieve success. Sit for a few minutes, relax, close your eyes, and begin to imagine yourself this. See how the person to whom you are afraid he smiles and says, “Congratulations, You did well.” Feel like you’re starting to smile and feel incredible joy. Imagine how people congratulate you. This exercise will give you a lot of motivation and self-confidence and fear of failure quickly disappear.

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