How To Win The Fear Of Failure Part 1

fear of failureIs the fear of failure paralyzing you and keeping you away from achieving success? If that is your case today I will give you some efficient solutions.

The feeling of fear is positive in moderation. It protects you from the harmful effects of actions taken by you. Therefore, fear is most needed, when we are in a situation of danger to life or health. However fear starts to be inappropriate when it creeps into virtually every area of your life. How does it happen?

Recall the times of primary school now. Unfortunately during that time you learnt that making mistakes is very bad. Teachers effectively promoted the idea that failure is something to fear. When a student does something wrong it caused negative emotions, because teachers were criticizing him in front of the whole class. In this way, fear settles into the areas of life it is completely useless, and even very harmful.

But you are not at school anymore. Although today you might be criticized bu the boss and are dread of making mistakes at work, you can still win the fear of failure. How?

1. Note down what you are saying to yourself. We are often unaware of the words that we say to ourselves. You will be surprised how many times you use “I can’t” or “It’s impossible”. And there is the problem. These words sabotage your personal success. Therefore you need to

2. Substitute the disempowering statement with empowering ones. Instead of saying “I can’t”, say “I can do it”. Repeat it at least 10 times at time, with conviction and power. You can also use other affirmations, such as “I can handle this”. This statement is especially useful while you are feeling the fear of failure. By saying “I can handle this” you are decreasing intensity of the fear automatically

3. Create a new habit. It is not enough to say “I can do it” or “I can handle this” only once, even if you repeat the statements 100 times. Develop a new habit of regular usage of these powerful positive statements – in the morning and before going to sleep, but also while you start experiencing the fear of failure.

Achieve success. Stand in front of the mirror in the bathroom and say to yourself, at least 20 times, “I can do it”. Then recall something that makes you feel afraid of failing and say 10 times “I can handle this”. Imagine yourself really being able of handling the challenge.

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