How To Handle Manipulation In Your Life

how to handle manipulationManipulation is present everywhere in your life. Going shopping, stressful work and relationships can cause problems. How can you handle manipulation then?

Unfortunately the manipulation test on my blog is only the top of an iceberg. For the victim of abuse it is even not an floe. Fortunately since today you will learn efficient new tools to win manipulation.

The first weapon against manipulation is called “knowledge”. Spotting your enemies will help you to prepare for success. Let’s start from location and circumstances when you are the most vulnerable to manipulation. Consider the following cases:

1. Manipulation during shopping. It is dangerous when you are hungry and without list of the goods really needed. Being stressed out, you take the first available item, without further research and checking your budget. You are also distracted by the layout of the shop – why not to make the latest lucrative deal… it will end in an hour’s time. Sometimes you are also vulnerable to other people’s suggestions. For example your kid or partner may force your decisions according to their will.

How to handle manipulation while shopping? List all the shopping that is absolutely necessary and go to these places in the shop only. You can also take a limited amount of money, e.g cash only, to limit the numbers of things put to your basket. Be firm during in-shop promotions and prepare in advance for talking to sales assistants, e.g buying a TV or a computer.

2. Manipulation at work. You are working, usually coming before 9am and finishing your job around 5pm. Every day you are under pressure of new tasks, deadlines and unexpected challenges. You don’t even have time to recharge your inner batteries during the lunch break. Instead of some peace, you are having a chat and socialize with your co-workers. This is a good opportunity to sell you an idea against your beliefs or values. But what if the boss is the seller? Will you have courage to resist?

How to handle manipulation at work. Start with defining the clear list of expectation at work. Do you work for money or for personal development, contributing to others? Review your present situation. maybe it will be enough to change your daily routine – finding some time for short meditation – relaxation or limiting chats during lunch to recharge your batteries. In more serious cases, you may consider changing your job.

3. Manipulation in your relationship. Then you come back home. Your partner is in bad mood and there are chores to do, after exhausting day at work. You are trying your best to stay calm, but sometimes it’s too much to handle. His anger or destructive criticism is the last straw to an argument. You are also at risk of making decisions against your beliefs Have you ever faced violence?  Beware of emotional blackmail, threats of using physical abuse which are efficient ways to force you to act according your partner’s will.

How to handle manipulation in your relationship. Firstly, define firm boundaries. Communicate your partner when you are available to talk after coming back from work. Be sure to make decisions when emotions are kept at bay. Inform your partner that you will not discuss difficult topics and make important decisions while arguing. You will also need to take care of your space to relax after work. State firmly, that you need time to rest after hard day.

If your partner cannot accept your boundaries, time has come to look at your relationship more carefully for potential deeper problems. Then serious talk or even counseling can be necessary. It can even turn out that your partner cannot accept your limits at all and living together for longer may be painstaking. Then consider moving on.

Do the cases sound familiar to you? Have you heard about them from your friends? Were you able to give workable advice? Now you can. What other efficient tips do you know to handle manipulation while shopping, at work and at home? Share with us

Take Achieve success. Make list of all the situations when you have followed the other people’s suggestions and resigned from your needs, beliefs and goals. Then list the the most dangerous cases and the circumstances when they appear. Remember to record your discoveries in your journal of success.

Please comment today’s post and share with your friends. Have a nice day. Victoria Herocten

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