8 Proven Ways to Create a Powerful Affirmation


A powerful affirmation can change your life. Today I will present you come core rules of creating a strong affirmation.

“I love and approve of myself, I love and approve of myself, I love and approve of myself” – Louise Hay

I know what you will tell me: “Affirmations do not work.” I agree; when they are not created in the wrong way, they will naturally not work. So how to create a compelling affirmation?

1. The Affirmation Should be Positive

Transform all the negative words to positive ones. For example: “I’m an idiot” can be transformed into “every day I’m becoming smarter and smarter.”
One note of caution: Not only avoid the words that have a negative meaning but also the negation of the whole sentence (i.e. not, no, neither, nor). Stay away from words that imply loss, such as get rid of, give up, lose, quit, stop, refrain, avoid, etc. Keep away from words like I wish, I want, I wish and I would like because they imply a lack of something.

Affirm the positive states of doing, being, or having instead. Words which suggest the negative issue you are trying to change also should not be used in affirmations. For example: “I’m less and less anxious every day” is not a good example. Substitute it with “anxiety-free” or even better “more and more confident.”

2. The Affirmation Must be Personal

Start them with “I” because it is your personal statement. If you fear high resistance writing and saying an affirmation starting with “I,” use the third person. For example: “People say that I am wiser and smarter every day.”

Affirming what others will do, be or have is a waste of time as you can only change yourself. Even if you have the best of intentions, your idea of what is right for another person may not be what they want or need. The only beliefs, thoughts, and language that you can change are your own.
Affirmations which others write are a good starting point. However, always change any words or phrases which you feel uncomfortable with.

3. Affirm in the Present

Doing so you already experience the benefits of what the affirmation means.
Saying “I will be rich” or “I am going to be rich” is placing your desire somewhere out there, just beyond reach. Remember, the future doesn’t exist. Change only happens when you focus on the present.

By affirming in the present tense, it is also easier for you to generate the necessary emotions and visualisations that support your affirmations. There is a significant difference between saying “I will be so rich when …” and saying “I am so rich now that …”

4. Affirmations Must be Precise

In the beginning, when you start changing and in the case of core beliefs, general affirmations work better. However, as you grow, start to create more powerful affirmations – more precise and relevant to you.

Describe your desire in detail and the more accurately you can describe it, the better. Add as much detail as possible. You can add all the benefits that attaining your goal would bring. Your subconscious mind needs a clear picture to work on.

5. Use Comparatives Wisely

Words such as ‘more’, ‘better’, ‘greater’ or ‘best’ should only be used if they precede more detail. When you use comparative words, the subconscious mind is forced to compare what you want with what you don’t want. Therefore, you end up putting as much energy behind the negative as the positive.

6. Avoid Ambiguous Words

It will create ambiguous results and if you are affirming for a larger salary, would you be happy with an increase of 1%? Be precise and declare for the best outcome that you feel comfortable with, but make your affirmations realistic. Choosing “I have a 100% larger salary” will not work when there is little hope for promotion or your business is not growing fast at the moment.

7. Use your Own Words

There are many words you can use in affirmations that are acceptable. However, these affirmations should be clarified in our statements. Words like: health, happiness, wealth, prosperity and success are all good words to use. But try to go a bit further. For example, you can say ‘able to travel around the world’ for ‘wealthy’. Define these words in your terms.

8. Amplify your Affirmations

Use humour, some energising words. Choose some from the list: energised, ballistic, explosive, ready to go, unstoppable, invincible, fascinated, gifted, driven to, over the moon, on cloud one, smashing, brilliant.

How Do your Affirmations Look Like?

I’d like to hear from you so share your conclusions with others who will read this blog, as maybe you will help someone to avoid mistakes and become a happy person. Thank you.

Victoria Herocten


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