Check How Good Is Your Risk Management

take risk I will write something about risk management. You can check this quality in everyday life. How?

“Me at risk? It’s impossible, I am always prepared to challenging the next obstacle. I am great at risk management”. Probably you are right. But today I will not be talking about arranging a new loan or taking action to end your toxic relationship.

Let’s take a simple example of risk management in case of buying a computer. Usually it is necessary to define some criteria before the purchase. There are some more subtle factors taken into account, apart from standard features like RAM, hard disc capacity, battery life or processor speed, there is one more to think about. For example, is your laptop at big risk of theft or damage? Who else will be using the machine? Is it for business or for personal use only?

So far so good. You are also aware of the dangers and have a plan how to minimize the risk. But there is still at least one trap before making the best choice. You will encounter them in the shop where you are looking for a new computer.

1.Risk management while facing salespeople in the shop.

You meet a nice, handsome sales assistant, who has the incredible gift of the gab. Your friends have warned you that he had persuaded hundreds of people in your town. In case, you have checked what are the manipulative trick which are often used during sales pitch.

Unfortunately you are underslept after the yesterday’s argument with your parents. The row drained you emotionally and your self-confidence is swinging. You are more vulnerable to persuasion and making the wrong decision. Will you then go to buy the computer? If the deal ends today you might decide to visit the shop. Will you still take the risk?

Great. Now you need to make more effort to follow your plan and to buy the laptop according to your criteria.

2. Risk management of while facing other marketing tricks in the shop.

Have you ever been fooled by music and bought more than intended? What about the shop’s layout and thoughtless picking up the items, without checking the prices or expiry dates? How many times have you met a friend who suggested you an unplanned purchase?

Achieve success. Choose a simple goal for this month. Evaluate in writing your progress answering the questions below:

  • Have you considered distractions?
  • How determine are you to focus on your goal?
  • Have you chosen the right time to do pursue your goal
  • Are you focused on your goal?
  • What obstacles will you encounter on your way to success you?

Please comment today’s post and share with your friends. Have a nice day. Victoria Herocten

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