10 Steps How To Change Beliefs #2


You have just learned how to recognise some self-limiting beliefs. However, there is another technique which I will show you in this post.

Live your beliefs and you can turn the world around. Henry David Thoreau

Take any belief that you have. If you are not sure how to identify it, write down five examples of what life, love, and people mean for you. For example: “People are dangerous”, “Love is a trade”, “Money is energy”. I will discuss how to discover your beliefs in one of my next posts.

Answer the Questions

The next step is to answer the three questions below. If there is at least one “yes”, the belief is self-limiting and needs change.

  • Is the belief unreal (impossible to be met)
  • Is the belief out of your control?
  • Does the belief make you happy only for a while?


Let me explain the question above in more detail:

Your Beliefs Are Impossible to Meet

For example, you cannot drive because of epilepsy or bad eyesight. Will you believe then that one day you will drive? No. The same applies to your height, eye colour, age. Having a belief that is not based on reality brings you frustration and puts you under pressure.

Your Beliefs Are Beyond Your Control

You may blame yourself for not being able to change the world where it is impossible, and this will make you unhappy. You, as the individual, will not replace the government, stop the banks from manipulating the market and charging you for foreign exchange transactions.

Your Beleifs Make You Happy Only a Bit

You may believe that buying new clothes, toys or vacations will make you happy while it costs you a fortune and other people are jealous and therefore stingy. Another example is when you believe that a wealthy man, but abusive is better than none. What would you prefer, be happy all the time even without some things or unhappy – with more goods, but often being uncertain if you have it?

How many self-limiting beliefs have you found? Now you are ready to the next step of my mini-course how to handle beliefs. Stay tuned to this blog to learn the next tip.

Victoria Herocten

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