Manipulation : Are You the Victim? Test Yourself

manipulation test“Is manipulation my problem? Never. I always make decisions myself.  No one is bringing pressure on myself “.Congratulations, you are the masterer. But anyway, do the test.

However it is not enough to be a successful person, without constant training for better results. Your resistance to manipulation depends on many factors. Today it is easy to stick to your choices, but the next day you are the most vulnerable to the same type of manipulation.The sad truth is that over 90% of population fails the test and they lose control over their life easier than you might think .

1. When have you passed the manipulation test and won? In other words, when was it the last time you have resisted persuasion or brainwashing? Even the last month’s score might be outdated today. If it is your first test today just recall the time when you won any kind of persuasion and brainwashing. Record your discoveries in your journal of success.

2. How well are you prepared for manipulation? It will be easier to find any subtle details that might be affected by manipulation. For example, if you are the cook in your relationship, take into account making dinners and buying the food. You don’t need to be the expert, the point is to be familiar with the task that you are doing.

Even if you are a good cook, there are always some tasks which done are more uncomfortable than the rest. No one is a total expert of everything, just because today information becomes outdated rapidly and your today’s skills might be useless tomorrow.

3. How do you secure your goals against manipulation? If you have set them properly, just one look at written notes will show you the doggiest aspects. But again, choose the goal which is already best defined.

Let’s say that you want to make a 10,000 dollars or euro  per month in 2012. There are milesotnes and the dates due to check  your progress. You have defined the tools and the resources already possessed.You  also have the basic knowledge to invest on the stock market.

However, you are still checking which company is the best opportunity to invest in. It is also crucial to know the more sophisticated investment tools and to learn from reliable sources. The last task may be your dogy field and probably you will need to make a few mistakes to gain some experience. but are not sure about the most profitable mutual funds.

Remember that it is much easier to be the victim of manipulation using the “unknown” . If you don’t feel confident in cooking a dinner, your boyfriend or parents may force you to skip cooking. But then you will be criticized for laziness and incompetence. In case of investment in stocks you can lose because of wrong market prediction and using the strategy which is new to you – without the right experience.

No, I don’t suggest blind learning everything, just to please other people and be the most trendy. All what you do has to be according to your values, priorities and life mission.

Achieve success. Test yourself and record your score in your journal of success:

  • List all the decisions against your will – even if they are unimportant like buying a magazine.
  • Check who or what could have an impact on your decision.
  • What was the reason?
  • How much control did you have before and after making your decision?
  • How important was the decision
  • Were you happy making changes in your agenda?
  • What are the consequences?

Please comment today’s post and share with your friends. Have a nice day. Victoria Herocten

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