Are You Staying In Abusive Relationship? Test It

abuse testAll types of people can end up in the abusive relationship. At first it is unhealthy and then becomes toxic. It does not matter whether you are intelligent, old, young or strong. The first step to solve the problem of abusive relationships is obvious, but many people deny to face the truth. I hope that you are honest with yourself.

How can you check if there is something wrong in your relationship?

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Answer yes to any of the questions below. Any “yes” means that you need help.

1. Dos he ever punch, kick, slap, spit, shove, shake, throw things at you, hold you down or hurt you in any other way?
2. Does he want you to spend all your time with him, and exclude your other friends?
3. Is he controlling? Does he try to control what you do, how you look, what you wear, who you talk to, where you go?
4. Does he get angry with you if you do not do what they want you to do?
5. Does he always checking up on you, wanting to know where you are?
6. Does he ever put you down, call you names, make you feel stupid, tell you that no-one else likes you, threaten to hurt you or people who are close to you, threaten to hurt himself/herself because of you?
7. Does he make you feel nervous, anxious or even frightened?
8. Does he ever pressure or force you into going further sexually than you want to?
9. Does he ever get extremely jealous or possessive of you, constantly text you or accuse you of flirting with other people when you haven’t?

Believe me, many women deny that they are facing an abusive relationship

and only some dramatic events in their life wake them up. You can save yourself years of pain, negativity and unhappiness, just be frank with yourself. When you discover that the issues mentioned in the list above are familiar to you, time has come to find help. You can start from my website and calling the numbers from the page Find Help. Talk to your best friend, but be careful with your family, they may enforce your bad beliefs and discourage you from making changes.

Take Action.

Answer the list of questions honestly, diagnosing the health of your relationship. If you find the problems listed in the questions above, decide where to go for help and immediately contact these people, for your own sake. Good luck.

Share your ideas under this post and join the community on Facebook.

Victoria HeroctenAutor: Victoria Herocten Writer and coach. Since 2009 she helps women with abuse to start over and how to be happy . The  co-author of bestseller “Gratitude Book”.

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