How Abusive Words Influence Your Self-Esteem

no abusive language

When did you hear abusive words last time? Have you ever wondered what toll they take on your self-esteem? Check.

It’s not just the word that makes it abusive. There are other things involved. Here are of them:

Abusive Words And Guilt

Even if you have made something wrong, remember, that you have made the best decision in that moment. You have based your decision on your best knowledge and experience
Fear. If you fear someone, there’s a greater chance you’ll get offended by his words because you attract what you focus on. Fear could be from political power, muscle power, or wealth. Remember that you can overcome fear

Crowd Psychology

Social impact on your self-esteem can be very powerful. If someone uses abusive words against you in front of a crowd and there is no one to support you, you are definitely going to get offended, pretty hard. That’s why it is important to have supportive friends and other people, who will stand by your side in case of attack. The other question is if the criticism was justified, or just destructive desperate attack, because the other person cannot manifest their self-esteem in a more constructive way.

Inferiority Complex

If you feel inferior to others, people can use them to abuse you. Again, you attract what you focus on and reap the crop of negativity which you have sown earlier. Therefore, right now take a piece of paper and write down 20 achievements from your life. it may be your school certificate, a good job or even one project completed. I believe that you had even more than 20 achievements within last year.
Can you add more examples? Share your ideas in a comment.

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