Negative Emotions: 4 Easy Ways To Deal With Them

happinessMany women facing abuse have tried different methods to vent their negative emotions. There are 5 simple techniques which will help you with this

I am talking about written affirmations. Why do thy work? Because whenever you program a goal into your subconscious mind and then release it, it will be transferred to your super conscious mind. This mind will work to manifest the goal. your super conscious mind functions 24 hours each day, 365 days each year.
How to use written affirmations?

1. Write out a clear description of your goal.

Do it exactly as you would like to see it in reality. Let’s say that you want to end an abusive relationship.

While writing the goal, remember to observe 3 rules:

Personal: You cannot control the behaviour of others nor you can you set their goals. Therefore an affirmation always starts with the word “I.” For example. I want to start a new life next month.”
Positive: The subconscious mind cannot grasp the negative. If your goal is to end the relationship, rather than affirming, “I am free from boyfriend,” your affirmation might read, “I am emotionally free and start a new live next month.”
Present Tense:ite your affirmation in present tense. In the example above, rather than affirming, “I will be free from my toxic boyfriend,” you affirm, “I am emotionally free and enjoy the new life.”

2. Repeat the “written affirmation technique” for each of your goals.

Your super conscious mind needs regular feeding to implement your goals. You are creating a new habit them and teaching your mind new thinking. Therefore, you need to repeat the affirmation. The best way is to write every day, before going to sleep.

Read them several times each day. In this way, you speed up the process of materialisation of your goal. For example, you can repeat the affirmation while being in the toilet. The most efficient method is when you repeat the affirmation just before waking up and before falling asleep.

To facilitate this process, you can choose to write your affirmations on a series of index cards. Keep in their pocket or briefcase, as then it is easy to pull them out and read them during any lull in the day.

3. Visualize your goal as already been achieved. Imagine the feeling that will come with your success.

Do it with passion. Use all the senses. Imagine how your goal looks like, how it tastes, what you can hear and how it tastes. Your freedom from an abusive boyfriend can be manifested by the touch of fresh wind, which will gust around you. You can see the nature and hear the birds singing while going for a walk with free spirit.

4 Simply release the goal completely and carry on with your day.

Let your super conscious mind work for you. Your super conscious mind takes over,. It is drawing on all of your knowledge and experience as well as all of the knowledge, intelligence and ideas and that have ever existed or that will ever exist. Then it will automatically and continuously solve every problem and offer solutions to every challenge on the way to your goals. You will soon attract to yourself helpful people who will help you to leave the abusive relationship. The challenge is for you to take action then.

Take action

Take time to practice this “written affirmation technique” in the next 30 days. Observe what happens in your external world. Write down the outcome.

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Victoria HeroctenAutor: Victoria Herocten Writer and coach. Since 2009 she helps women with abuse to start over and how to be happy . The co-author of bestseller “Gratitude Book”.
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