10 Most Toxic People You Should Avoid #1

toxic people Toxic people around you can cause serious harm – just like toxins in your air, water, or food. Unfortunately they do not come with a warning sign. Today you will meet the first 5 of them.

Most of us know at least one or two toxic people as they are everywhere. You may live with them, work with them, lead them, or know them socially. If you have spent time with truly toxic people, you already know how destructive and exhausting they can be. Therefore, you need to limit your exposure and keep yourself protected. The first step is to recognize when a person is toxic. How to do it? Here are some warning signs:

1. Toxic people act as victims

The perpetual victim is one of the most dangerous people you can have around you. This kind of toxic people looks at their own issues and mistakes and always finds others to blame It can be their boss tor their unloving parents. They never take ownership of their own lives.

2. Toxic people are arrogant

There is a big difference between confidence and arrogance, because confidence inspires; arrogance intimidates. Arrogant people always know best and feel superior to others and they will never celebrate your confidence because it interferes with their arrogance.

3. Toxic people are envious

Those plagued with jealousy are never happy with what they have. Toxic people cannot be capable of being happy when good things happen to you. They also cannot appreciate it when others achieve or move forward. This is because they feel that if anything good is going to happen, it should happen to them.

4. Toxic people are control freaks

Control freak toxic people know everything and the best way to do anything. They are usually very insecure beneath it all, but as long as they are around you will never get a chance to voice an idea or do anything yourself. Control may be manifested by their way of speaking, forbidding you to do things you love or checking everything that you do. The most dangerous are the closest ones – your partner or your family, sometimes also your friends.

5. Toxic people are filled with negativity

You probably know someone who is always angry and resentful, suspicious of everything. These features are typical for negative people. Negativity destroys relationships. Spending time with negative people makes you feel they are sucking the life out of you.

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Take action.

Think of your family, partner, friends or neighbours. Identify the warning signs of arrogance, negativity, control mania, envy and victimism in them. Think how you could protect yourself from them. Write down your ideas in the journal of success.

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Victoria Herocten

Victoria HeroctenAuthor: Victoria Herocten Writer and coach.
Since 2009 she helps women with abuse to start over and how to be happy .
The co-author of the bestseller “Gratitude Book”.

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  2. I live near a toxic neighbour who ive helped so much just used. I just understand how she can be so nasty to me. As you have said its all about them they are the users and have learnt at ayoung age this behaviour

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